The new Board of the Hellenic Botanical Society (HBS), for the period from October 2016 to September 2019, aims to take a series of initiatives and plans to implement actions on recent issues of the Botanical Science, as well as on conservation and management of our natural environment, in collaboration with scientists from other disciplines. These initiatives and actions aim to further support openness and collegiality. For the effective implementation of the above, wide publicity will be pursued through the constant call for motivation of all members and especially young scientists.

The planning of initiatives and actions for the first year of the new Board the HBS (you can download it here, in greek only) will be our roadmap with milestones and reporting at the end of the year 2017. Every year the same pattern will be followed. In this effort we need all members and friends of the Hellenic Botanical Society.

The management of the Hellenic Botanical Society awaits your suggestions on all issues that may interest you (and / or interest other people) through the dissemination of information, for the best performance and updating of the website of HBS, for publications and for taking any initiative that you consider necessary.



Patra 10.10.2016

On behalf of the H.B.S. Board

The President



Professor Panayiotis Dion. Dimopoulos

Faculty of Biology, University of Patras