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Development and Publishing in Electronic Format of the Greek Flora - The Flora Graeca project

The program is funded by the Green Fund and has a duration of 6 years (May 2017 - May 2023). The total grant is € 240,000 (€ 40,000 per year) and covers the following actions:

  • contribution to field and laboratory research, scientific support, writing and publication of the volumes of the Greek Flora together with the Botanical Garden / Botanical Museum of Berlin, including the update of the existing two volumes
  • 2 scholarships / 3 years, i.e. a total of 4 scholarships for doctoral candidates, in order to prepare doctoral dissertations on the flora / flora variety of Greece.

Funding will be implemented through the Axis NATURAL ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT ACTIVITY of the Funding Programme NATURAL ENVIRONMENT & INNOVATIVE ACTIONS of the Green Fundυ.