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Web Seminar - Diversity patterns of the Flora of Greece with applications in R

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Web seminar title:

Diversity patterns of the Flora of Greece with applications in R

  • Instructors: Dr. Konstantinos Kougioumoutzis, Dr. Elpida Karadimou, Dr. Danis Kyziridis, Prof. Panayiotis Dimopoulos
  • Location: Αθήνα
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Date: To be announced
  • Costs: 100 euros
  • Number of attendants: up to 15 people

Seminar website:

Intended audience

Mainly post-graduate students, PhD candidates and/or post-doctoral researchers interested in the spatiotemporal plant diversity patterns, as well as the factors shaping these patterns. Prior knowledge of the R programming language is desirable, but not required (e.g., installing and loading libraries, importing files and data).

Seminar overview

The public availability of large-scale biotic and abiotic data has increased drastically in the last decade due to the aggregation of museum and herbarium records, as well as through citizen-science data. The potential of this kind of data even though extremely important, remains still poorly explored and underutilised. The participants will be provided with the opportunity to:

  1. Become familiar with, use and harness several online public databases (e.g., GBIF, WorldClim, PaleoClim, TRY – data mining, cleaning and exploration).
  2. Become familiar with open-access spatial data.
  3. Investigate the factors shaping the taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional plant diversity patterns.
  4. Assess the extinction risk status of several plant species according to the IUCN criteria.
  5. Visualise their results, by plotting publication quality figures.
  1. During the first day of the seminar, participants will become familiar with the use of the R programming language (installing and using R and R-Studio, installing and loading libraries, basic statistics).
  2. Upon completion of the seminar, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.