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The Red Data Book of Rare and Threatened Plants of Greece

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The two-volume work entitled "The Red Data Book of Rare and Threatened Plants of Greece", was published in 2009, as a result of a collective work, in which 89 botanical scientists or amateurs participated, of which 74 are Greeks and 15 foreigners.

The two volumes include 300 species and subspecies of the Greek flora, which are distinguished in various categories of threat, according to the rules of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and measures for their protection are proposed. In addition, the photographs of the plants that accompany the texts and which have been taken in their natural habitats, portray the harmony of the plant world of Greece and its natural environment.

The purpose of this collective project was to contribute to the information and awareness of the public, and especially of our young people at all education stages. To this end, the project resulted in informing the scientists and the public for the wealth, the uniqueness, but also the importance of the rare Greek flora. At the same time, the need to protect endangered species was emphasized with the proposed measures, in the context of global sustainable biodiversity conservation.

The project also aimed to be a useful consultant to those involved in environmental protection and management (Governmental Services, Universities and Technological Institutions, Environmental Education Centers, Environmental Impact Assessment Companies, Environmental Protection and Nature Management Institutions etc).

Publishing Committee: D. Phitos - T. Constantinidis - G. Kamari By decision of the Board of Directors of EBE, the two-volume project entitled Book of Red Data of Rare and Endangered Plants of Greece is priced at 30 euros.

To obtain the book please contact the HBS.
You can download the 2 volumes of the Red Data Book of Rare and Endangered Species of the Greek Flora in pdf.