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Vascular Plants of Greece: An Annotated Checklist

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More than a century ago, Eugen von Halácsy, a Hungarian-born physician of Vienna, summarized in his Conspectus Florae Graecae (Halácsy 1900 –1904, with supplements in 1908 and 1912) a careful and accurate work on the flora of Greece. Halácsy’s Flora covered Greece within its national borders at that time and thus did not extend northwards beyond Thessalia and did not include the East Aegean Islands. It is still the latest complete Flora of the country.

The important publication "Vascular Plants of Greece: an Annotated Checklist" was published in 2013! The Checklist presented here is even more than a simple inventory of a country’s flora. For the first time in history, an accurate, complete and up-to-date checklist of the Greek flora is now available with this joint publication by the Hellenic Botanical Society (HBS) and the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem. Since its inception in spring 2010 by the former Administrative Council of HBS, chaired by Professor Panayotis Dimopoulos, this initiative was accomplished after more than three years of hard work by the international expert team of eight compilers, who have showed an exemplary spirit of scientific collaboration.

By decision of the Board of Directors of EBE, the book is priced at 30 euros and especially for the members of EBE at 25 euros (1 copy with reduced price per member with paid membership fees).

To obtain the book please contact colleagues: Professor Panagiotis Dimopoulos ( - for Patras, or Associate Professor Giannis Tsiripidis - for Thessaloniki Dr. Giannis Bazos ( - for Athens and the rest of Greece Here you can download the work with corrections and updates.

You can download the publication in pdf format from the following link:
Vascular Plants of Greece: An Annotated Checklist

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