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Virtual meetings of young botanists researching the Greek flora

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The aim of the initiative is for young botanists whose research focuses on recording and studying the flora of Greece to come together.

The aims of the initiative include:

  • The presentation of the research work of the participants and the exchange of experiences.
  • The presentation of new technics and scientific methods.
  • The discussion of recent scientific works of common interest.
  • The recording of problems and difficulties in the context of their research work and any other issues that will arise from the discussions.

The meetings aim at improving the communication and promoting collaborations between young botanists who have in common the study of the flora of Greece. The meetings will be held online every 15 days and are addressed to undergraduate students with a dissertation in taxa of the Greek flora, master students, doctoral candidates, and postdoctoral researchers.

Interested young botanists can register by sending an email to Konstantina Koutroumpa (, Katerina Goula ( and Georgia Fassou ( until Tuesday, February 15th 2022.