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Apostolis Kaltsis

Origanum microphyllum (Benth.) Vogel

Origanum microphyllum (Cretan marjoram) is a perennial aromatic shrub, endemic to the island of Crete. It occurs in the wider area of Lefka Ori and Dikti massifs, in a notable altitude range, from almost sea level up to 1800 m. The typical habitat of the species is open stony and rocky sites, but also phrygana and forest clearings.

Arum purpureospathum P. C. Boyce

Arum purpureospathum is an endemic species of Kriti and Karpathos (KK) floristic region, known to occur in a few sites in western Crete (Sfakia district) and in Karpathos. The locus classicus is the settlement of Palea Agia Roumeli, at the exit of Samaria gorge, where A. purpureospathum grows in stony fields, but also among ruins of stone houses and terraces. It is also often found in shady locations under thickets with carob trees and olive groves, at altitudes ranging from sea level to 800 m (at Agios Ioannis settlement).

Centranthus sieberi Heldr.

Centranthus sieberi is a local endemic species of the higher altitudes of the Lefka Ori massif in W. Crete, being a distinctive element of the local endemic flora which colors the numerous bare and wild slopes of Madara (as the local people call the Lefka Ori massif). It grows among stony ground, on screes and on rock crevices at altitudes between 1800 and 2300 m. The flowering period is between June and July.

Galanthus ikariae Baker

Galanthus ikariae is a winter - flowering (January – February) geophyte with impressive white flowers. The species grows on shady and cool places, among calcareous rocks or near trees and shrubs, often at the understorey of Acer sempervirens and Quercus coccifera stands, at altitudes between 450 and 1000 m. It is a Greek endemic species, known from the islands of Ikaria, Andros, Naxos and Skyros. It is considered as Rare in the first edition of the Red Data Book of the Greek flora.