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Seed Ecology V - Seeds in the Web of Life

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Brazil, 21-25 August 2016

SEED ECOLOGY conferences are international, thematic, scientific meetings devoted exclusively to Seeds and the Environment. Seed ecology (dispersal, predation, soil and canopy seed banks, ecophysiology of dormancy and germination, and topics in seed research related to evolution, conservation and ecosystem functioning) is currently an extremely active area of ecology, which links to plant conservation, restoration ecology, and global change research. In addition, seed ecology has profound implications for the composition and diversity of plant communities and, through the study of seed dispersal and predation, promotes collaboration between botanists and zoologists. The abstracts will be assigned to one of the following six areas: (1) evolutionary seed ecology, (2) frugivory and seed dispersal, (3) seed bank, (4) seed germination and dormancy, (5) seed ecology applied to agriculture, and (6) seed ecology applied to biodiversity conservation and restoration.