The Hellenic Botanical Society (HBS) was founded in 1980 and was based in Athens (Faculty of Biology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens). The logo of the Society depicts the head of Theophrastus (371-286 BC), ancient Greek philosopher and founder of Botany. The Society has approximately 210 members.

During the first period of HBS (1980-1985), four Scientific Symposia were held in various Greek cities (Patra 1981, Athens 1982, Thessaloniki 1983, 1985). From 1994 to 2005 the Hellenic Botanical Society has been organizing one Scientific Conference roughly every two years in various cities (Delphi 1994, Paralimni - Cyprus 1996, Alexandroupolis 1998, Patra 2000, Argostoli 2002, Ioannina 2005, Athens 2009, Rethymno 2011, Thessaloniki 2013). The forthcoming conference will be held in Patra in 2015.


BOARDS HBS (1980-2013)

  President Secretary Treasurer Member Member
1980-1984 K. Mitrakos D. Phoitos K. Anagnostidis I. Tsekos D. Danielidis
1984-1987 I. Tsekos E. Koukoli S. Charitonidis D. Babalonas D. Danielidis
1987-1993 S. Charitonidis        
1993-1996 E. P. Eleftheriou D. Babalonas M. Moustakas S. Diamantoglou A. Oikonomou-Amilli
1996-1999 E. P. Eleftheriou D. Babalonas M. Moustakas G. Kamari D. Tzanoudakis
1999-2002 G. Kamari T. Georgiadis I. Manetas P. Apostolakos L. Simeonidis
2002-2006 G. Kamari G. Psaras I. Manetas P. Apostolakos L. Simeonidis
2006-2010 P. D. Dimopoulos T. Konstantinidis G. Kamari S. Kokkini S. Rhizopoulou
2010-2013 C. A. Thanos G. Iatrou I. Bazos P. D. Dimopoulos G. Kamari
2013-2016 C. A. Thanos P. D. Dimopoulos I. Bazos S. Kokkini K. Koutsovoulou